“Ever pined to buy something that, once you finally got your hands on it, wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? This disappointing reality check can hit big time during the home-buying process. Oh, the rosy glasses we wear when house hunting!

So watch out: If you’ve dreamed of having a home with a big yard, that excitement might wear off after you see how long it takes to mow. Or, if you pined to live in a historic house, you may eat those words when you’re deluged with costly repairs. Whatever you’re sure you want, take care to do your due diligence carefully, and question homeowners who have these amenities on their pros and cons, and the upkeep entailed.

In case you’re curious which home features buyers had to have, but came to regret, check out these amenities, which can end up being a whole lot more trouble than they’re worth.”

1. Wine Cellar

2. Home Spa

3. Open Floor Plan

4. Fireplace or Wood Burning Stove

5. Hedges

Source: Realtor.com