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5 Salem Businesses You Can Support From Home

Hannah O'Shaughnessy

As the Director of Finance & Strategic Growth, Hannah plays a crucial role in keeping our finances on track while also exploring innovative strate...

As the Director of Finance & Strategic Growth, Hannah plays a crucial role in keeping our finances on track while also exploring innovative strate...

Apr 8 8 minutes read

As a member of the Salem community, we know how important it is to support our small businesses.

We know that more and more small businesses here in Salem are being affected and to continue to support them as much as we can, we’ve compiled a list of 5 local businesses that you can support from home.

1. Black Water Grill

How You Can Help: Daily specials on their FB Page. Offering curbside pick up and delivery, CREDIT CARDS only please & Orders that are placed over $100 you will receive a $20 gift!

Link to Shop:

We began our Black Water Grill (BWG to many) journey in February of 2006. We opened our doors for the very first time on the 23rd. After a year of research and development in our New Hampshire based test kitchen we landed our dream location on Pelham road in Salem New Hampshire. We have been a place where so many come to celebrate events for various occasions. We have stayed vigilant to our scratch kitchen motto. 99% of our products arrive to us in their rawest form and our team molds them into the menu we serve every day.

2. Farmhouse Roasters

How You Can Help: Buy gift cards now to use later. Curbside delivery & pick up.

Link to Shop:

Farmhouse Roasters is a coffee company specializing in Micro-Roasting. You can visit our café at 163 Main St. Salem, NH.

Our passion at Farmhouse Roasters is to provide you with the finest coffee of the world. By procuring the best coffee beans and perfectly roasting them to peak flavor, our customers are rewarded with the best tasting coffee available. Our goal at Farmhouse Roasters is to offer you the ultimate coffee experience. We always supply certified coffees including Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown & Rain Forest Alliance when available.

3. Jocelyn's Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge

How You Can Help: Offering grab and go, delivery & curbside pickup.

Link to Shop: 

Jocelyn’s Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge was opened in May of 2009. It is a 150 seat family owned Mediterranean Restaurant serving both Lebanese and American dishes, while also offering an impressive full service bar & lounge.

Jocelyn’s menu is loaded with healthy Mediterranean options like hommus, taboule, falafel, and shawarma as well as the classic salmon, haddock, shrimp, and steak dishes. We promise you there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds on our menu.

4. Love + Flour Bakery

How You Can Help: Weekly Menu on their FB Page for online ordering. Curbside pickup at the shop (which you order and schedule in advance) or delivery (each zone has a set day for delivery) 

Pre-ordering helps them produce exactly what is needed without any guess works - which makes for extremely minimal waste! 

They also have "boredom kits" you can purchase online. ex. decorate your own cupcake kit.

Link to Shop:

Jaime is a self-taught baker and cake designer who fell in love with the art of cake decorating in 2010. She founded the storefront in 2016 after her mother kicked her out of the kitchen for taking over every weekend! Jaime knew Southern New Hampshire needed a beautiful sweets boutique that made great tasting, fresh product that is also IG worthy! So that's just what she did, September 21st, 2016, Love+Flour opened its doors. Jaime loves to be apart of her customers' celebrations by bringing their visions to reality. She prefers salty fries to sweet confections - but her all-time favorite L&F treat is carrot cake anything! Cupcakes, cake slices, or carrot cake french macarons!

5. Trattoria Amalfi

How You Can Help: Open for takeout from 3:30 to 7:30

Link to Shop:

When you ask owner Gerardo Cammarano what’s so special about Trattoria Amalfi, he will say that at this particular Italian restaurant at the Nettle’s Plaza in Salem, customers are treated like family. But that is only the beginning. Located at the southern end of Route 28, Trattoria Amalfi is so much more than a little restaurant in an otherwise uninspiring shopping plaza. When guests choose to eat here, they will enjoy a feast of the senses from start to finish. “I want customers to see what Italy is all about, so we tried to create that kind of atmosphere at Amalfi,” Cammarano explained.

And who could be better at demonstrating Italy’s finest points than the Cammarano family? Both Gerry and his wife, Sandra, were born and raised in Italy. Sandra is from the city of Albanella, Italy, near the popular and beautiful coastal town of Amalfi, the inspiration for the restaurant’s name. Gerry was one of four siblings who grew up in the farming villages of Mattinella, where his mother effectively “stirred up” his love of cooking.

“My mom was a great cook. Since I was a little boy, I would watch her in the kitchen. I also learned about the importance of fresh ingredients from the farm,” said Cammarano, who has been involved in the restaurant business in one way or another all his life.

At Trattoria Amalfi, Sandra and Gerardo are accompanied by their son, Gerardo, Jr., and their daughters, Jessica and Sabrina, and will serve up some of the most delicious Italian fare, “family style,” in an atmosphere that is undoubtedly authentic. Guests at Trattoria Amalfi will be awed by a spectacular array of Italian wall murals (some of which were hand painted by Woodbury School art teacher, Mary Lou Melanson-Sears), flowing greenery, and glistening, white columns. The delicious aromas of fresh herbs, cheeses, garlic, and good-quality olive oil will arouse the appetite, while relaxing Italian music plays gently on speakers overhead.

With all the senses peaked, customers can enjoy a glass of their favorite beverage while a passionate Cammarano and his sous chefs work to create an impressive meal that promises to leave guests with a craving to return. “We have many repeat customers,” noted Cammarano, who also said that each one has a favorite offering. “Some say that we have the best veal in town. Others love the tomato sauce. But I think the most popular item we serve is our stuffed pork chops. We use fresh, center-cut pork and prepare the dish in a delicious Marsala wine,” he described. Many of the ingredients that go into the Amalfi signature dishes are imported from Italy. Plum tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, prosciutto, pastas, and many of the cheeses are brought in weekly through companies such as Accardi.

According to Cammarano, his biggest rewards are sensory as well. It is a pleasure for him to see the smiles on his customers’ faces after a good meal and to hear their endless compliments, which are pretty much expected. It would be impossible to have a meal at Trattoria Amalfi without enjoying the entire experience. Cammarano’s talents for cooking and creating a memorable Italian-inspired moment are undeniable, and his intense passion is contagious.

A trip to Trattoria Amalfi, now in its 13th year, is truly like a trip to Italy. At a fraction of the cost, guests can forget their troubles for an hour or two while enjoying the sights, scents, sounds, and tastes that make the Mediterranean peninsula so special.

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